Utilizing Metal Roofing Panels For Your Home Or Building

A metal roof is a dynamic, modern addition to any property. A more popular roof choice for residential and commercial buildings alike, metal roof panels in Ontario are being praised for their eco-friendliness and performance. Here are some of the key reasons why choosing metal roofing panels just makes sense.

They Are The #1 Eco-Friendly Choice

Metal is a sustainable material. Metal roofs are fully recyclable. Some are made from recycled materials and to those that aren’t, at the end of their lifecycle, those metal panels can be recycled. There is no waste involved.

Metal Is An Energy-Efficient Material

Metal roofing is better to handle heat and unpredictable temperatures in Ontario. Metal is naturally reflective, blocking heat transmission and helping to regulate temperature indoors during summer.

Reduce Cooling And Utility Costs

Where you can see some easy savings will be in your utility bills. Metal roofs reflect the sun’s rays and heat to such a degree that it’s not uncommon for some buildings to see utility costs fall by 10-25% on average.

Metal Roof Panels Are Stylish And Authentic

Metal roof panels come in all sorts of looks and styles. They can look very traditional or modern and sleek. The look, design, and detail can be adjusted to what you prefer, mimicking the aesthetics of wood, slate, and clay tile among other roofing types.

Metal Is Great For A Custom Look

For custom homes and custom commercial buildings, metal has a versatility to it that few roofing types do. This opens the doors to come up with some unmistakable unique roofing looks, customized to your property.

Metal Roofing Lasts Longer

In Ontario, a roof gets its fair share of abuse over the course of the four seasons. If you get a decade to a decade-and-a-half out of your shingle roof, consider yourself lucky. Metal roof panels in Ontario last far longer, with the average being 40-70 years. They last way, way longer than cheaper roofing materials, equating to significant cost savings in the long-term.

Their Performance Is Impressive

Metal roofs can sustain wind, rain, snow, heat, and more. They do not give you and don’t damage. When installed and maintained correctly, you will not get  dents and metal roofing never corrodes or cracks. It also does not spark and is fire-safe so should your building be struck by lightning or encounter a fire, you’re protecting your property and assets inside with a metal roof better in comparison to other roof type. Your roof isn’t going to catch fire with metal roof panels.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Extensive Maintenance

There isn’t a lot of maintenance you have to do year-over-year on metal roofing. Other types of roofing can require the occasional touch-up and repair. Metal – assuming it’s been installed properly – isn’t a material that’s going to run into that same need of repair easily.

Metal roofing is unaffected by so much that impacts other roofing materials. You future-proof a building when you choose metal roof panels in Ontario. You’ll get much more life out of them, protection and safety for your property, and it’s the eco-friendly choice. Have metal roofing for your home or building and see first-hand why it’s the perfect choice for so many properties.

Top 6 Ideas for Buying and Installing a Steel Roof in Toronto

When it comes to buying and installing a steel roof in Toronto, there may be a lot of ideas, questions, and preconceived ideas you may have about how it works. We hope to answer a few of those questions here and to share a little know on exactly how to install a steel roof and what’s expected.

Why steel roofing is preferred by homeowners

Steel roofing has a long list of benefits, including giving you an aesthetically pleasing roof and functional design. Steel is a long-lasting material, non-combustible, energy-efficiency, and is resistant to decay, discoloration, and mildew. Combating even the harshest of Canadian weather, steel as a roofing material is also great with wind and water resistance, has snow and ice shedding capabilities, and will work harder than other materials at protecting your property.

Buying and Installing a Steel Roof in Toronto

Why steel roofing is preferred by professional roofers

As a professional roofing company, we prefer using steel as opposed to other materials for several reasons. Steel roofing is a relatively easy and fast installation, there’s more variety to it, steel’s priced competitively, can be adapted to steep or low-slope roofs, and it’s a lightweight materials that’s overall very easy to work with. Unlike other products, it’s highly unlikely steel roofing will ever warp, curl, or split as well. We love it!

Where to buy a steel roof

When you buy steel roofing, it’s normally purchased through one of two ways – either through a building supply dealer or in a lumber yard. The cost of buying a steel roof in Toronto can vary, according to how much you need to complete your roof. Any sort of complexity in your roof design – such as valleys, hips, or special siding features – can also increase cost. Although the initial cost of steel is higher than asphalt, in the long-term, it’s more cost-effective.

Steel roofs are not heavier than other roofs

When we talk steel roofs, some Canadians think steel is a heavier product than asphalt and other materials. That’s simply not the case. Steel is extremely light to handle and can up to fifty percent less in weight than some asphalt roofing products. You won’t need any additional supports to install a steel roof. In fact, in some cases, steel is light enough to be installed directly over an existing roof without having to remove anything. That equates to huge cost savings!

There are no hazards associated with steel roofing

A steel roof does not affect reception inside the home nor does it attract more lightning than any other type of roofing material. You shouldn’t have any more difficulty installing satellite dishes and similar products on a steel roof. Also, a great feature of steel roofing is that it’s an optimum material for preventing snow build-up and ice dams. To this point, ice dams are notorious for causing leaks in roofing. There are no hazards associated with steel.

Why steel is an eco-friendly roofing option

Steel is one of the most environmentally sustainable roofing options in the market. Not only does it function in a way that will cut down on a homeowner’s electricity bills but steel is also 100 percent recyclable. In most cases, steel roofing is manufactured from partly recycled steel. Furthermore, after your steel roof has fulfilled its life span after decades of use, it can be removed and recycled again in its entirety!

Metal Roof vs. Steel Roof – Compare Prices and Benefits

The prices and benefits between metal roofing, steel roofing, aluminum, copper, and other roofing types are important to look at if you’re considering a new roof for your residential or commercial property.

For the average home, a metal roof can range between $10,000 and $14,000*. In some cases, you may be able to find discounts from some roofing contractors or to get a sweeter deal. Although the upfront cost is higher than an asphalt roof, the quality of a metal roof is far greater – providing up to fifty years of roofing protection, being more eco-friendly, saving you more money on electricity and heating, and gives off a more contemporary appearance.

There are two categories of metal roofing – those more expensive and more high-performance, and those that are less expensive and which still carry with them major performance improvements over other roofing materials. The more expensive metals are copper and zinc, while the least expensive are aluminum and steel roofing. All of these metals usually last anywhere from 25-50 years, are more or less maintenance free, come highly durable and prepped to withstand the harshest weather, and are fine options.

metal roof / steel roof comparison

If you’re looking to install a copper roof, as an example of a high-end metal roof, you are likely looking at a cost anywhere from $30,000 to $60,000 depending on size. Copper’s such an expensive roofing material because not many roofers know how to work with it and therefore, their expertise costs a little more. Also, copper comes with a high market value to begin with and its lifespan can sometimes exceed sixty years.

Analyzing material cost alone (labor costs not included), copper or zinc both carry a similar cost, anywhere from $10 to $15 per square foot. Comparatively, aluminum roofing has a price range of $7 to $9 per square foot and steel roofing comes between $4 and $6 per square foot. Needless to say, most residential and commercial customers opt for the least expensive option.

Does the design of your roof affect installation cost for a metal or steel roof – well, yes. Commercially designed properties that have domes, angles, skylights, or with more complex setups, this can add to the labor cost required to have a metal roof installed.

Now, for the average home, your basic asphalt roofing is going to cost somewhere around $7,000. That’s for a simple, low-pitch roof and the cost may or may not include services to remove your existing roof. Although asphalt is the least expensive roofing material, it’s also one of the cheapest made and is no longer recommended because of its negative environmental footprint and its lack of performance or prone to becoming damaged.

Why aluminum, steel, copper, and zinc cost more is because they are a more permanent roofing solution than their lesser counterparts. When you install a metal roof, you won’t have to worry about it again for decades. An asphalt roof could easily require replacement within 10-12 years, and sometimes sooner. Using any of these metal roofing options, you’ll save money on energy and electricity, your home will receive better protection, and in the long run, it’ll cost you less when comparing one metal roof installation to two, three, or four asphalt roof replacements.

* All prices are estimates. Contact us if you are looking for the quote and advise on roof material selection.

How to Choose the Right Metal Roof Colour

What is the best color for a roof – the answer to that varies according to property style and preference.

Metal roofing is highly adaptable both in style and color. It can be made to look like almost anything. The color of metal panels being so highly variable, it opens up a lot of possibilities as to what you want the top of your home or commercial property to look like.

Choosing a color is very exciting but remember not to get lost out there among your sea of options. Consider the look and feel of your property. An offsetting color can challenge and possibly wreck the appearance of your building.

Getting to Know your Preferences

Navigating metal roof color options, you may already have some preferences in mind. It’s crucial to consider technical specifications such as quality of paint and how it could affect reliability of performance. Any color chosen should come in paint that is treated to address common roofing issues such as fading, peeling, corrosion, rust, and water infiltration. Speak to your roofing professional as to what kind of coatings and sealants are used on your metal roof panels.

Metal Roofing Colours

House Elements

Now, consider the aesthetic, style and additional elements of your property, such as color of your bricks, the color of your siding, and anything else your metal roofing may need to match in tone. Think about how your doors, windows, and surrounding landscape appear.

What you choose is going to survive for years down the line, especially considering a metal roof generally lasts anywhere from thirty to fifty years. A unified, balanced look is what you want to aim for. After you’ve narrowed it down, take a look at how your color samples reflect during different times of day. You’ll want to see how they appear when the sun is going down in subdued lighting, as well as how they present under bright light.

What Effects your Colors Make

Just because your home is one color does not mean you need the same color necessarily for your metal roofing. Comparatively, you can choose something that contrasts and which commands attention. Selecting complimentary colors establishes a monochromatic theme that gives things a more classic look. Using a silver or metal-esque look presents a modern, vintage, or minimalist look. Then, there’s the combination of dark and light in color shades which can be toyed with to create something truly beautiful and unique for your property.

The Rules of Light v. Dark Colored Roofs

Dark colors will have a different impact on your home than lighter shades. Using a light color, your property will appear taller which is ideal if this is for a low-pitch roof. Choosing a dark color will make it appear as if your roof is taller and less overwhelming. If you find examples of similar properties to yours online, you can see how different colors affect perception of height.

Weigh the pro and cons of your personal preferences and the aesthetics that surround your home. Narrow it down to two or three roofing color options. Consider speaking with a metal roofing professional contractor to get their input on what’s best. We know picking a color is not easy. That aside, going with what’s most natural could very well end up being your best look!

6 Reasons Why you Choose Metal Roofing for your Home

Metal roofing in Ontario has never been so popular, found on residential, commercial, and industrial properties across the province. Here are 6 reasons why more Ontarians are choosing metal roofing for their homes.


In Ontario, Canada, there’s no telling what kind of season we may have. Fall, winter, spring, and summer are notoriously difficult to predict. Using asphalt shingles, you may be worried about warping during summer and breaking in winter. Using metal roof materials, they’re highly resistant against weather changes and are prepared to handle heavy snow and ice, rolling leaves in the fall, and the hottest of hot summer weather.

6 Reasons Why you Choose Metal Roofing for your Home


Metal roofing lasts for up to fifty years and more, ensuring you won’t need a replacement any time soon. Protective against the weather and the elements, unlike asphalt, metal is a material built to last. The high-performance of metal has caused many roofing professionals to recommend it as a top product for both residential and non-residential use.

Metal minimizes Environmental Impact

Metal roofing in Toronto is a great example of how architects, developers, commercial enterprises and corporations are creating more environmentally-friendly buildings. The reason why it’s so relied on as an eco-friendly choice is because metal roof panels are sometimes made from recycled materials and are themselves highly recyclable materials. Furthermore, metal roofing retains heat in the winter and keeps cold air in during summer, ensuring homes remain energy-efficient.

Long-Term Cost Savings

Metal roofing prices in Ontario are higher upfront than traditional asphalt roofing and there’s a reason for that. Metal is a more expensive material than asphalt because it’s stronger, more reliable, and has a significantly longer shelf life. After having installed a metal roof on your residential home or commercial building, it immediately increases the value of your property. Also, long-term, you’ll save on your energy bills. In the same time you’ll go through one, two, or three asphalt roof replacements, you won’t need to do so with metal roofing.

Lower Utility Bills

Average savings on utility bills range up to 30 percent after installing a metal roof on one’s property. If homeowners are seeking a list of pros and cons of metal roofing, this is unquestionably a major pro in favor of metal. In an era where solar panels and environmentally-friendly roofing is becoming the norm, metal is fast becoming a welcome addition to the rooftops of Canadian homes.

Adaptable Style

Above the efficiencies and resiliency of metal roofing, as if you didn’t need another reason to buy, metal roofing has a highly adaptable look. It can be changed according to color and style, ensuring your home’s aesthetic suits you. Metal works best across an array of different home building projects because of its adaptable appearance. As an upgraded material exceeding the quality standards of asphalt, a metal roof is a great choice of surface.

The forefront of buyers’ minds may be occupied with questions of quality, pricing, and performance. Across all points, metal roofing receives high marks. Enhancing your home’s protection and property value, these are just some of the advantages of going with metal. As of 2017, metal roofing makes up 10 percent of the provincial market and that percentage continues to grow. Shop metal roofing in Ontario from Steel Roofers and speak with a representative today for more information.