Utilizing Metal Roofing Panels For Your Home Or Building

A metal roof is a dynamic, modern addition to any property. A more popular roof choice for residential and commercial buildings alike, metal roof panels in Ontario are being praised for their eco-friendliness and performance. Here are some of the key reasons why choosing metal roofing panels just makes sense.

They Are The #1 Eco-Friendly Choice

Metal is a sustainable material. Metal roofs are fully recyclable. Some are made from recycled materials and to those that aren’t, at the end of their lifecycle, those metal panels can be recycled. There is no waste involved.

Metal Is An Energy-Efficient Material

Metal roofing is better to handle heat and unpredictable temperatures in Ontario. Metal is naturally reflective, blocking heat transmission and helping to regulate temperature indoors during summer.

Reduce Cooling And Utility Costs

Where you can see some easy savings will be in your utility bills. Metal roofs reflect the sun’s rays and heat to such a degree that it’s not uncommon for some buildings to see utility costs fall by 10-25% on average.

Metal Roof Panels Are Stylish And Authentic

Metal roof panels come in all sorts of looks and styles. They can look very traditional or modern and sleek. The look, design, and detail can be adjusted to what you prefer, mimicking the aesthetics of wood, slate, and clay tile among other roofing types.

Metal Is Great For A Custom Look

For custom homes and custom commercial buildings, metal has a versatility to it that few roofing types do. This opens the doors to come up with some unmistakable unique roofing looks, customized to your property.

Metal Roofing Lasts Longer

In Ontario, a roof gets its fair share of abuse over the course of the four seasons. If you get a decade to a decade-and-a-half out of your shingle roof, consider yourself lucky. Metal roof panels in Ontario last far longer, with the average being 40-70 years. They last way, way longer than cheaper roofing materials, equating to significant cost savings in the long-term.

Their Performance Is Impressive

Metal roofs can sustain wind, rain, snow, heat, and more. They do not give you and don’t damage. When installed and maintained correctly, you will not get  dents and metal roofing never corrodes or cracks. It also does not spark and is fire-safe so should your building be struck by lightning or encounter a fire, you’re protecting your property and assets inside with a metal roof better in comparison to other roof type. Your roof isn’t going to catch fire with metal roof panels.

You Don’t Have To Worry About Extensive Maintenance

There isn’t a lot of maintenance you have to do year-over-year on metal roofing. Other types of roofing can require the occasional touch-up and repair. Metal – assuming it’s been installed properly – isn’t a material that’s going to run into that same need of repair easily.

Metal roofing is unaffected by so much that impacts other roofing materials. You future-proof a building when you choose metal roof panels in Ontario. You’ll get much more life out of them, protection and safety for your property, and it’s the eco-friendly choice. Have metal roofing for your home or building and see first-hand why it’s the perfect choice for so many properties.

How to Avoid Common Mistakes when Installing Metal Roofing

When selecting a metal roofing material and installing the panels on your home, there are many common mistakes that are easily made. Pay close attention to how you install your metal roof panels and be sure to consult this list thoroughly prior to beginning.

Metal Roof Installation

Incorrect Panel Lapping

Installing panels the wrong way is a common mistake that many first-time roofing installers make. Remember, to consult the material supplier on how to install panels correctly. Good suppliers will have video tutorials and printed documentation on installation of their product.

Screwing a Set Incorrectly

Every screw needs to be set correctly. The last thing you want is for them to be too tight or too loose. Always put screws where it is flat in the middle of the panel. If they’re wobbling, check to make sure that your nut driver is in proper working condition.

Don’t use Too Much Sealant

Don’t use sealant or caulk to fix a mistake on your roof. The goal needs to be to waterproof through correct installation and not by covering lazy mistakes with caulk. Any sealant should be a secondary consideration when it comes to waterproofing. When applied, it needs to be under panel or trim where it is protected from the elements because it will last longer there.

Always Measure any Panel Twice prior to Cutting

After a metal roof panel is cut, it can’t be put back together again. The last thing you want to do is measure wrong. Always ensure that you check twice, and then cut. This will keep errors to a minimum at least as it pertains to cutting. Also, ensure you are adequately planning for any penetrations i.e. skylights, attic fans, PVC piping, etc. These require special attention to properly trim and install around these openings.

Assuming Installation is the same for Every Metal Roof

Though some may be similar, always check the instructions prior to installing any metal roof. Depending on the type of panels, special attention may need to be applied to certain areas. Remember, there are varying thicknesses, finishes, and profiles. These factors in addition to the style of the property will be what determines installation.

Over the Edge Paneling is a No-No

Don’t let the metal panel hang over the edge of the roof. Though many may attempt to do otherwise, when you are properly installing a metal roof, it is recommended to ensure paneling only hangs an inch and a half to two inches extending over the edge.

Not enough Screws in your Pipe Flashing

Any penetration in the roof is an area prone to leaking. Pay close attention to how you address penetrations like PVC piping. By only laying in a couple screws and some caulk, that’s not enough to get the job done long-term. The caulk will eventually wear out and then, you’ll have a leak in no time. When installing, ensure sealant is installed underneath the base and that enough screws are placed into the base to keep it in place.

Installing a metal roof is a big project for anyone. Be sure to avoid these common mistakes that have befallen others in the past. Be highly attentive when installing metal roofing as even a minor mistake can require significant re-installation or long-term costs down the line when a leak becomes present.

Choosing the Right Metal Roofing Panels for Your Home

It can be a challenging task trying to find out what the right metal roofing panels are for your home. Metal roof panels in Ontario are among the province’s most versatile, sustainable, and protective roofing material available. So many options to choose from however can leave a homeowner with doubts as to what is right for their property. There are generally three key tenants of metal roofing in Ontario that you want to stick with when selecting the type of roof that is appropriate for your home.

Decide on Style

The wide variety of panel styles available is one of the many advantages to deciding on metal roof panels in Ontario. Among the variety are metal roofing imitating tile, shingle, slate, shake, and standing seams. No matter if its metal roofing in Toronto, metal roofing in Chatham, or metal roofing elsewhere in the province, choose the look that you feel is best for your home. To an extent, this is personal preference however it does bear in mind to consider the aesthetic and style of the exterior of your home.

Metal Roof Panel

Know Scale

Keep the size/scale of your home in mind. For example, a smaller home might see wide standing seam panels appear overpowering or might struggle under a ‘heavier’ looking metal roof profile. If you are unsure on what works best for Ontario metal roofing, please consult with an expert. They will be able to tell you when to use a heavier look or when to use something with a little less profile. Though one material or style may be in vogue, it may not appear in the same manner when applied onto your home. This is why you want to do your research, shop around, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Consider the Neighborhood

Part of the reason why metal roofing prices in Ontario are higher than traditional shingle prices are because of the value that they bring to the home. Metal roof panels not only protect but aesthetically, they should add value to your home. Think of the ways that other homes in the neighborhood appear. You don’t want your home to stand out like a sore thumb through the color or product chosen. Getting to know the variables that are at play around you will oftentimes point towards the perfect Ontario metal roofing solution right for your home.

Metal Roof Panel

How to buy metal roofing is not that challenging once you begin to narrow down the selection according to your preferences and the exterior of your home and neighborhood. Throughout the past decade, metal roofing in Ontario has continued to gain in popularity and its use has increased dramatically due to the many benefits of using this material. When we thought of metal roof panels in years past, many people would have thought of a cheap-looking tin barn roof. Today though, metal as a roofing material has been refined to the point where it is aesthetically stylish but also durable, fire-resistant, and lightweight.

When choosing metal roofing in Ontario, it can be an exciting process with more options than ever before. It’s important to use the overall look and feel of your home as a general guide, to not get lost in the many choices, and to always consult a professional metal roofing expert prior to making any purchase.