How to Choose the Right Metal Roof Colour

What is the best color for a roof – the answer to that varies according to property style and preference.

Metal roofing is highly adaptable both in style and color. It can be made to look like almost anything. The color of metal panels being so highly variable, it opens up a lot of possibilities as to what you want the top of your home or commercial property to look like.

Choosing a color is very exciting but remember not to get lost out there among your sea of options. Consider the look and feel of your property. An offsetting color can challenge and possibly wreck the appearance of your building.

Getting to Know your Preferences

Navigating metal roof color options, you may already have some preferences in mind. It’s crucial to consider technical specifications such as quality of paint and how it could affect reliability of performance. Any color chosen should come in paint that is treated to address common roofing issues such as fading, peeling, corrosion, rust, and water infiltration. Speak to your roofing professional as to what kind of coatings and sealants are used on your metal roof panels.

Metal Roofing Colours

House Elements

Now, consider the aesthetic, style and additional elements of your property, such as color of your bricks, the color of your siding, and anything else your metal roofing may need to match in tone. Think about how your doors, windows, and surrounding landscape appear.

What you choose is going to survive for years down the line, especially considering a metal roof generally lasts anywhere from thirty to fifty years. A unified, balanced look is what you want to aim for. After you’ve narrowed it down, take a look at how your color samples reflect during different times of day. You’ll want to see how they appear when the sun is going down in subdued lighting, as well as how they present under bright light.

What Effects your Colors Make

Just because your home is one color does not mean you need the same color necessarily for your metal roofing. Comparatively, you can choose something that contrasts and which commands attention. Selecting complimentary colors establishes a monochromatic theme that gives things a more classic look. Using a silver or metal-esque look presents a modern, vintage, or minimalist look. Then, there’s the combination of dark and light in color shades which can be toyed with to create something truly beautiful and unique for your property.

The Rules of Light v. Dark Colored Roofs

Dark colors will have a different impact on your home than lighter shades. Using a light color, your property will appear taller which is ideal if this is for a low-pitch roof. Choosing a dark color will make it appear as if your roof is taller and less overwhelming. If you find examples of similar properties to yours online, you can see how different colors affect perception of height.

Weigh the pro and cons of your personal preferences and the aesthetics that surround your home. Narrow it down to two or three roofing color options. Consider speaking with a metal roofing professional contractor to get their input on what’s best. We know picking a color is not easy. That aside, going with what’s most natural could very well end up being your best look!

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