Choosing the Right Metal Roofing Panels for Your Home

It can be a challenging task trying to find out what the right metal roofing panels are for your home. Metal roof panels in Ontario are among the province’s most versatile, sustainable, and protective roofing material available. So many options to choose from however can leave a homeowner with doubts as to what is right for their property. There are generally three key tenants of metal roofing in Ontario that you want to stick with when selecting the type of roof that is appropriate for your home.

Decide on Style

The wide variety of panel styles available is one of the many advantages to deciding on metal roof panels in Ontario. Among the variety are metal roofing imitating tile, shingle, slate, shake, and standing seams. No matter if its metal roofing in Toronto, metal roofing in Chatham, or metal roofing elsewhere in the province, choose the look that you feel is best for your home. To an extent, this is personal preference however it does bear in mind to consider the aesthetic and style of the exterior of your home.

Metal Roof Panel

Know Scale

Keep the size/scale of your home in mind. For example, a smaller home might see wide standing seam panels appear overpowering or might struggle under a ‘heavier’ looking metal roof profile. If you are unsure on what works best for Ontario metal roofing, please consult with an expert. They will be able to tell you when to use a heavier look or when to use something with a little less profile. Though one material or style may be in vogue, it may not appear in the same manner when applied onto your home. This is why you want to do your research, shop around, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.

Consider the Neighborhood

Part of the reason why metal roofing prices in Ontario are higher than traditional shingle prices are because of the value that they bring to the home. Metal roof panels not only protect but aesthetically, they should add value to your home. Think of the ways that other homes in the neighborhood appear. You don’t want your home to stand out like a sore thumb through the color or product chosen. Getting to know the variables that are at play around you will oftentimes point towards the perfect Ontario metal roofing solution right for your home.

Metal Roof Panel

How to buy metal roofing is not that challenging once you begin to narrow down the selection according to your preferences and the exterior of your home and neighborhood. Throughout the past decade, metal roofing in Ontario has continued to gain in popularity and its use has increased dramatically due to the many benefits of using this material. When we thought of metal roof panels in years past, many people would have thought of a cheap-looking tin barn roof. Today though, metal as a roofing material has been refined to the point where it is aesthetically stylish but also durable, fire-resistant, and lightweight.

When choosing metal roofing in Ontario, it can be an exciting process with more options than ever before. It’s important to use the overall look and feel of your home as a general guide, to not get lost in the many choices, and to always consult a professional metal roofing expert prior to making any purchase.

Tips For DIY Steel Roofing – Do It Yourself Steel Roof Will Save Money

When it comes to do it yourself steel roofing in Ontario, it is not as easy as it might seem at first. Initially, it may seem as simple as putting up and connecting some panels. The truth is that there’s a lot more intricate work oftentimes lost in DIY steel roofing in Ontario that can result in potentially hundreds of dollars’ worth of damage.

When studying do it yourself steel roofing in Ontario, the best thing to start with is knowing how to prepare. Measure the roof correctly and precisely. Each Ontario steel roofing panel is cut to the exact size required and if panels are too short, you may run into some major expenses down the line. Not knowing the precise measurements of the roof is also going to mean additional work down the road. This is a very common rookie mistake when it comes to do it yourself steel roofing in Ontario. Don’t be caught making that same mistake.

Do It Yourself Steel Roofing Ontario - Eco-Tile

It also bears in mind that any type of Ontario DIY steel roofing installation/repair is highly dangerous and safety should always be maintained as a top priority. Full body harnesses and some sort of fall protection system is highly recommended – potentially including roof anchors, a lifeline, and shock-absorbing lanyard. Any Home Depot, Home Hardware, or Lowe’s should have these ready for purchase. Among the first things you do when beginning on steel roofing in Toronto, steel roofing in Ottawa, or steel roofing in Ontario is to put on the body hardness, have a rope with you, and install the harness prior to doing any measuring work.

If you are new to DIY steel roofing, there are several tools, materials, and supplies that you should have on-hand. These include a carpenter’s hammer or roofing hatchet, a utility knife, a carpenter’s pencil, sheet metal snips, a tape measure, a tool belt, a sheet metal hand seamer and folder, and power tools like a drill or wood cutter. Nails and sealant or caulking also are required in order to perform a steel roofing installation most effectively.

Now we get to the installation. Depending on the exact type of steel roofing selected, the instructions may be different. It is highly important that you do not skip any steps as it relates to the installation and that you get it done right.

Though installing steel roofing can be a daunting task to some, approaching it with an open mind is a very healthy way of getting the job done. If you’re considering installing a steel roof in Ontario, take from the information written here and do your research before getting started.

To many people, the hardest part of the DIY steel roofing process is actually selecting the type of roofing they want. Once the hard part is done, going through the instructions and putting in the work to install it is all pretty straightforward.

Steel roofing is easy to transport and simple to install if one does not take the instructions and preparation process for granted. Don’t take it too hard when you make a mistake because they will happen. As long as they are not too costly, you should be good.

Steel roofs continue to gain in popularity because of their simplicity and economy. Going through the process of installing a steel roof yourself can help save money as well as help to provide a more thorough understanding of a part of your property that oftentimes goes overlooked.

Why you Should Book for Metal Roof Consultation Today

As we move from winter to spring, now is the perfect time to book your metal roof consultation to get your property assessed and to set up the details for a repair or installation. Don’t wait. It’s no secret that the roofing industry is typically the busiest in the warmer months. As we’re already on our way to summertime, now is the time to book a look at your roof with one of the top steel roofing contractors in the region!

The summer months are always very popular for us as it is for our competitor. The summer provides the easiest work conditions for roof work and it is when many homeowners are beginning to examine what they may need to get done before the cold sets back in in the autumn. If you already know that your roof is going to need some work, contact a steel roofing contractor today to schedule a consultation. One of our representatives would be happy to take a look at your roof, sit down with you and discuss all options including cold. Many of our customers begin to see problems in their roofing in the wintertime. The weather that comes with the season can take a lot out of a roof that might be on its last legs. Don’t wait. Give us a call today and schedule your consultation now.

For years we have been offering the best roofing services in the city and our customers’ satisfaction has been a crucial part of building our business. There are a lot of bad roofing stories out there of other contractors who have come in and who either didn’t do the installation right or who used the cheapest materials to get the job done. This is not what we do. When you book us for your steel roofing contractor assessment, we will take an in-depth look and sit down with you for an honest conversation about your property and your priorities as it relates to your roof.

It is our goal to save our customers from having to go to a lesser company and get a job done that is not up to their standards. With each job we take on, we put our reputation on the line. We create trust with our customers by always being honest, upfront, and delivering above and beyond what we promise on time and on budget. Quality is key and you will never get less than our absolute best work!

Before the busy months set in, book a consultation today. Waiting for the summer can mean more difficulty in trying to book an appointment and more difficulty in trying to schedule a job. Rest easy by getting the job done early.

We are a steel roofing contractor you can trust using the highest quality metal roofing shingles available, featuring a long-term warranty on our products, and with years of experience in both residential and commercial roofing. If your roof has been damaged or is leaking from the winter months, or if you need a full roof replacement, it would be our pleasure to sit down with you to discuss the options for your roof.

Why a Roofing Company with YouTube Video Content is More Reliable

Selecting a roofing company right for you can be a challenging, daunting task with so many different options available and so many horror stories of contractors doing poor work.

Trying to find the most reliable, trustworthy metal roofing company is oftentimes dependent upon reading through website testimonials, browsing through products, and speaking with a company representative to answer any queries. Even then, some might say it’s a risk.

As a metal roofing company, we understand this and that is why we maintain the highest commitment to ensuring that the job that our customer expects is exactly the job that the customer gets. Part of the reason that we have partnered with YouTube to put up video content is to explain our metal roofing company to new and existing customers, and to communicate the message that we are here to stay.

Get to Meet Real People and see Real Metal Roofing Installation examples

Through our videos, we allow our customers to see into real metal roofing installation examples that we have done. Take a look at the type of work we can get done and meet some of the customers we have had the pleasure of working with. Throughout the history of our company, we have worked with residential and commercial customers alike throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the City of Ottawa, London, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Windsor, Chatham, and other key regions of Ontario.

Get to See our Showrooms

Another piece of video content that we like to put up are examples from our showroom locations. Take the time to browse different samples, colors, designs, and/or feel free to talk with some of our knowledgeable staff. Get to know a little bit about our locations before coming in or even give us a call if you have a specific question.

See How our Crews Work

Some of our YouTube video content shows our metal roofing installation team at work. As evidenced in these videos, a large part of what we do is upholding the highest standards of safety possible. Get to know our installers and see the kind of pride we take in our work, always going above and beyond to deliver.

See how we Measure Roofs

In addition to seeing our workers on the roof, get an up close look at some of our processes and procedures including how we measure roofs. As a metal roofing company, see how we measure roofs and see how we work before you ever talk to one of our roofing specialists.

Get a Full Look at an Installation From Beginning to End

Get a glimpse into the metal roofing installation process, showing the full process come to fruition from the early stages to the final product. Get to see how we send a roofing specialist to visit, get a look at a real example of an installation, and see how we follow up after everything is done.

Check out our YouTube Channel for More Information about How we Work

We’ve been on the job for years. Companies new to the industry do not have the expertise or the experience that we have the luxury of having. It is critical to provide the customer with as much information as possible prior to purchasing, to ensure that they leave satisfied with their metal roofing installation experience. This is why we continue to develop our YouTube presence, sharing more of our company online and providing customers with an in-depth look at the kind of work we have become known for.

Please feel free to browse through our YouTube channel and enjoy the content that we have put up. To speak with a metal roofing installation specialist, please feel free to contact us today to get a quote on your property.

Why Winter is the Best Time to Plan your Roof Replacement

The months of November, December, January, and February have in the past not been popular months to plan a roof replacement. The winter is generally filled with complications such as temperatures not letting adhesives to dry, difficulty clearing the roof and finishing a job as snowstorms occur, and the added slipperiness of a roof made it dangerous for some contractors lacking proper equipment to work.

Today, with the advances made in technology and the popularization of steel and metal as a roofing material, winter might actually be the best time of year to plan a roof replacement. There are three main reasons why this is:

#1 Companies are Easier to Contact

Even though winter is the perfect time of year to get a roof replacement, it doesn’t occur to many people to get it done. This sways things in the favor of the customer though as generally, during the winter months, sales staff are easier to get in touch with and it is generally easier to coordinate an evaluation.

During the summer, roofing contractors are very busy. This means that prices go up, sales staff are difficult to reach, and generally you work around the contractors’ schedule. In the winter, you will have the resources available to you in order to have you feeling good about getting this done today.


#2 Taking Advantage of Winter Specials

Steel roofing companies and metal roofing companies typically offer winter specials in order to entice customers to buy-in. If you are currently looking at planning a metal or steel roof replacement for the springtime, you may actually be able to save a few dollars on product and installation by taking advantage of one of these specials.

 #3 Get it Done Today and Don’t Wait

Having to wait for a roof replacement when you needed one yesterday can be a bit problematic. There’s no reason to wait anymore. With metal roof panels or steel roof panels, there are no adhesives used, allowing for an easy replacement installation that can be done at any time of year including in the winter.

Over and over again, we see it happen. A customer calls in during winter because of a leak, we assess the roof, and we see that it requires a full replacement. Or, come spring, we are contacted by customers saying that the winter did a lot of damage to their roof and that they have been waiting to get it fixed.

Even in times of heavy snow, ice build-ups, and/or frigid temperatures, we can work to schedule and install a metal or steel roof that is going to significantly up the protection on your property and fix any roof-related issues. Don’t be caught out waiting for warmer weather which may worsen existing problems, see your property exposed to the elements more than it needs to be, allow snow and ice to gather on your roof potentially causing more damage, and then having to pay a higher price in the spring months.

By scheduling a roof replacement this winter, you get to save on cost and protect your property investment.